in the lap of luxury

June 02, 2010 Candace Morris 4 Comments

today marks the day
I've made many, MANY trips to and from San Diego
 (and no offense to the Diegans out there)
but I'm glad to say
After today, I hope I never see you again.

so I decided to commemorate it thusly:
New Black Levis
 (so comfy and so chic)

Victorian Lace-Up Boots
(I usually refrain from heels in the airport, as they often just look ridiculous and are
quite apparently uncomfortable and Umber* can tell you, there's nothing
worse than a female walking who is either uncomfortable or unpracticed in wearing heels)

Cafe au Lait instead of my usual Cappuccino
(who does Starbucks think it is, renaming my "au lait" to a "misto"?! It's preposterous.)

First Class Upgrade
(a voucher from a friend which entitles me to breeze through check-in, security, boarding...and not to mention the vast amount of leg room and the general feeling of being a true bourgeoisie...all of which makes me seriously reconsider flying coach ever again, ever )

It's all just the kind of luxury today needs.
A day wrought with all kinds of mixy-up feelings.
Leaving my life, afraid it will never resemble itself again.
Heading back into the details and plans of the great move,
picking up my two ladies and loving them
all the way home.

Lavishly Yours,

*Word on the street says that she's been seen stopping girls walking in heels to give them a quick lesson.  HIPS FORWARD ladies!  Small confession: Though I am quite comfortable in heels, I have, since knowing her, walked decidedly taller and more confidently.  Every time my chest puffs with self-awareness, I always think of her.  Always. Consequently, I always think of her.

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