the weekend report

May 30, 2010 Candace Morris 5 Comments

oh wonderful day you.
i feel all mooshy inside,
full of earl gray,
and affection.

(in no particular order)

waking up to the sweetest kitty girl
( who has, of late, brought us her shrews and snakes,
and we reward her with her salmon treats. )

taking in the site of  JSL giggling demurely at my counter

passing out hugs

admiring wee debonair Penelope
(who successfully survived the killer cat I call Octavia)

drinking away Saturday afternoons in the pub,
 reading up on all my city has to offer

(side note: jess told me that the three top issues of priority to Seattle voters are:
1. Light Rail  2. Legalization of Marijuana  3. Establishment of a nudist colony
I laughed about this for some time.
Jess said that we obviously want to ride public transit while high and nuked!)

 capturing light and fog

breathing slowly on Sunday morning

finding junco eggs in the garden

enjoying the property

focusing on the columbine blooms

observing abbey's view of the family

lingering over details


absorbing their presence
(they just returned from France/England)

holding my sweet niece, Olive

as much as possible

as tightly as possible

catching the saint in the act of beer-making

watching him deftly perform his saintly duties

encouraging even more saintly duties

Full and fat on -ing endings,
|| crm ||

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