an easter in oceana

April 05, 2010 Candace Morris 3 Comments

how was your easter weekend?
 the saint, the sister, the baby, and I all spent a lot of time relaxing and watching water.

We took Clara to the ocean for the first time.  She (like her mother) felt a very strong connection to the sea...a soulful knowing of its beautiful, horrible, powerful paradox.  There is something of a woman in that strength, no?  

Come Sunday morning, we treated ourselves to an Easter brunch, seaside.   Miss Clara donned her Sunday best and isn't she just the picture of cuteness!  I about died.

After a brunch of tangerine mimosas and quiche, we stumbled upon a cove of amazing seals, which were accompanied by a wondrous pod of pelicans.  We sat and watched them for some time.

We then lazied our way back home to a nap and some egg coloring.
 (And three earthquakes!  Holy Southern California, Batman.)

One of the eggs turned the sexiest shade of deep plumb.

As I live here to help my sister find her dreams again, it has been one of the hardest things I've ever known to see her in this pain.  You can therefore imagine my great satisfaction when she whispers to me as I feed her daughter,
 "Today has been a good day."
She smiles, sighs, and puts herself to sleep.

All I ask of the gods this week,

And when it cannot be,
Plenty of laughter.

And if that wanes,
At least we have the ocean.

"The strength of the ocean lies behind your eyes."
(k.clark to t.whitney)


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