tapas of goodness

April 16, 2010 Candace Morris 3 Comments

I am happy to report on two specific items that are lifting my spirits.

My sister has decided to treat us to a night at the opera.  On Tuesday night, we'll be heading to La Traviata and I am just quite eager to clean up (turns out that living with a child decreases your wardrobe to t-shirts and jeans, huh, who knew?) and taking in some musical art.  Teresa loves the opera and we are flexing our wings and soaring into a new life...what a better way to do it?  

A benevolent friend has decided to fly me home for a weekend to spend with my husband before I move Teresa and Clara home with us.  We've been apart for five weeks now, and  I had really been been wanting to do it, but we decided to pay our taxes instead...being the upstanding citizens that we are.  Then in quite the gallant manner, our generous friend decided to donate his hard-earned air miles.  It will be so good to be home with Joel.  

So good.

I heard my sister singing today.
Though we (she) has a long road ahead of her (one I pray to god I could save her from or at least speed up for her), these days where the burden feels slightly more manageable are gifts indeed.

Off to bed exhausted and hopeful,

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