sunday night

April 11, 2010 Candace Morris 4 Comments


I am subdued and relaxed tonight.  We've just finished up a cute documentary and I made some rather tasty ravioli for dinner.  Today was a day of sheer indulgence.  We walked through the farmer's market and I had the tastiest apple turnover from a local patisssere.  I snapped a few shots (to come later) and enjoyed the smells of curry and lilys.  We snatched up some dried sage for the home and the marine layer kept us in her gray embrace as we headed on over to a local wine shop for a tasty snack and red wine flight.  Deep sighs, good conversation, a new haircut, wicked pining for my husband, and the sweetest kisses from Clara...and I can put the punctuation on the day and rest well.

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Hope Monday doesn't suck too hard.

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