March 10, 2010 Candace Morris 3 Comments

Thank you for your consolations per my previous blogular sadness.  As the baby's scent is no longer in her room, I find myself in a sad and slow (but steady) recovery of normalcy.  I think the fact that I don't want to recover may be slowing my progress down a bit, wouldn't you say?  

To boost my feeble recovery, my favorite red and I are off to San Fran to visit her fabulous mother and aunts.  Since all of them are gourmet cooks, we shall be spoiled indeed.  We'll be taking the ol' RV out for a spin to Half Moon Bay (the RV is exquisitely huge) and spending the weekend with bloody marys in hand.  It sounds just divine.

I took gads of pictures of my lovely Clara (affectionately named "pickle" by her really amazing mother), and know you are dying to see those chubba cheeks!  If you are not, I would rather not hear it, thank you very much.  

And there were great times with T too.  We aren't all work and no play...

We helped Joel plant a tree!!

A proper pleased english courtsey!

This picture added to show off the fat around those wrists!

She may have been insulted at my calling her wrists fat.

a fireside chat with gin

what i woke up to every morning

Clara's first snow!!!
Good thing she packed the bonnet, sweater, and booties Gma crotched for her!

Oh this post has made me miss them all over again.  Rats.
Guess I better get down to San Diego again soon.


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