March 14, 2010 Candace Morris 4 Comments

My world has flipped a bit, hers has spit her out.
My world lost a vacation, hers lost a lover.
My world didn't pack a big enough suitcase, hers didn't chose his daughter.

I've not been where I thought I was going this weekend, for in the midst of it, the unimaginable occured.  I dropped it all and flew to San Diego to be with my sister and her daughter, and here I shall remain until I bring them home with me in a few weeks or months. 

Together, we grasp at pieces and pick up straws.


because he never spoke up.

For God's sake.
Speak up to yourself...
If you don't, one day it will speak up to you and devastate everyone.


This is no venue for personal information, but for personal expression. 
Email me and I'd be delighted to explain the injustices.

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