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March 22, 2010 Candace Morris 7 Comments

The Lovelies

Today I am excited about an opportunity to continue networking myself.  Rachel of Lovely Clusters has organized a way for bloggers to become better acquainted.  Most of you following me are already friends or family, but if not, I want to take the time to (re) introduce myself.

My name is Candace Morris, and I am an aspiring writer/photographer. I used to teach high schoolers about literature and the English language. My husband, kitty Octavia, and I have recently moved our city-dwelling selves to the country life just outside of Seattle.  We love bustle and culture, but we also crave the silence of wind in the trees.  We spend our days listening to owls hoot, watching deer creep across our property, sipping hot tea, and embracing our old souls.   I've become devoted to living a slow-paced life, full of soulful connections and choices.  To create, to relate, to inspire...these are what I was born to do.  You may wonder at my use of the word melancholy, but I've come to see that my soul finds comfort in shadow and delights in big drops of rain.   This beautiful sadness is profoundly important to my self-definition.

Most of my work has been on my various blogs, but also I have written for Antler Magazine.  Truth be told, my most proficient genre is in letter-writing.  I find nothing more encouraging in life (perhaps except sharing my journey with my husband) than hand-written letters.  My photographs are also featured on this blog, but can also be found on my flickr profile.

My inspiration comes from literature and the written word.  I find great comfort in solitude and reflection.  In addition, I come to other bloggers for encouragement and support.  I recently went through a deeply profound personal tragedy and have been entirely buoyed by my fellow bloggers.  A few of these are:  The Noisy Plume, Umberdove, She, Thoughts and Biro Sketches, and Sunny Rising Leather (not to mention countless design blogs!).  I also spend a lot of time on my husband's blog catholicbeer.

Hope you'll be a regular 'round these parts!


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