A long weekend...

August 30, 2009 Candace Morris 6 Comments

summer's snacks


the saint and his abbey

The saint and I took Friday off and joined up with his family for our annual trip to Ocean Shores, Washington. Though the Washington coast is beautiful, it is nothing like the beaches of Southern California (both good and bad) where I grew up playing. Ocean Shores is so, um..., well...how to say...white trash. There, I said it. We basically spent our time in this little cabin (all 8.5 of us!!!eeek!) and read, puzzled, played games, ate, and slept. It was especially good to have our recently moved sister and her husband back in Washington for the event (this may or may not be praise tainted by the fact that she brought two 1.75 litters of vodka and gin for me from Ca).



planting her tree

jameson neat



Mom and Dad Morris

So after a grueling traffic jam on the way home, the saint and I consoled ourselves with Mexican food and made (I think) a rather significant decision about our lives. I think...maybe, nothing set yet...that we are moving out of the city into the country. Much more on this later.


But there is no time to linger about that, for come Tuesday afternoon, I fly down to Redding, Ca to be with my best friend and her two kids and fetus...who will come to life (IT'S MAGIC) while I am there (we are HOPPPIIINNNGGGG). I'll be there for two weeks helping out and enjoying them.

Well, and I guess that's September for you...and it is always remarkable to me how I remain so busy and don't even have a formal job!

I also want to do a report on August's 12-month challenge...stay tuned!

I'll talk to you real soon,

Morris Family Vacation 2009


p.s.s: Am I seriously the only one on earth for whom it takes copious amounts of solitude, quiet, and introspection to really relax? So tell me how this works when with groups of people? Someone, oh someone, please write an introvert bible about how to vacation with others.


What did you do today?

August 26, 2009 Candace Morris 6 Comments

Cafe Septieme

I wrote.



It's a slow life for me...

August 24, 2009 Candace Morris 4 Comments

I am a snail of a lady...often fighting off lethargy and physical apathy.
I am an owl of a lady...often in the shadows, quietly observant, aloof and wise.
I am a willow...a rooted beauty swaying in the breeze.

I live life slowly.
I know this about myself. I have only just accepted my pace without the shame of this American life. I have bitten back when the bug of productivity tries to prostitute my worth. But this last summer, oh my...it has been a busy one. Truly, one of the best summers was never had, but it has been SO packed with lots of social gatherings with lots of people.

I don't do groups very well.
Correction: I don't enjoy groups very well.
The bubbling cauldron of everyone's issues mucking and mixing together burns my soul to the core.

That being said, I can do groups if I've managed to have approximately 1.5 tons of solitude. I am a solitude whore; an alone-time glutton. Though I have been able to fill my solitude tank to the brim, I noticed that since early July it has been rapidly depleting. It totally, fully caught up with me.

So this last week and weekend, I decided no groups. It was a good decision and by no means an antisocial one. I was able to see almost all of my friends on a one on one intimate basis. And this weekend? The first weekend with no big event. Oh so nice.

We went to Mom and Dad's house both days this weekend and stopped at yard sales, picked berries off the wild branches, took naps on a bright yellow blanket, ate too much pasta even WITH the smell of blackberry cobbler cooking, clipped dahlias, cuddled with Abbey, squeezed fresh limes, smelled tomato plants, and just rested, rested, rested.

And consequently, today...Monday, it feels grand and hopeful.
Here's to your Monday, your self-worth, and your weekends of nothing,


En Images: Wherein le Plume vole au nord - The Last

August 21, 2009 Candace Morris 3 Comments

If you know her, you'll know that this gal has quite the surplus of zany ideas and the energy with which to carry them out. We call her a hummingbird, for truly she has the metabolism and curiosity of one. This is particularly good for me to have in a lady friend, for I am not one to buzz about energetically - though I tell you, it was contagious. She had all of us grinning, skipping, laughing, and smirking so much.

The activities I would never have thought to participate in until Jillian suggested so:
  • A cherry-pit spitting contest
  • Sidewalk chalking ourselves all over Capitol Hill
  • Each person wearing monochrome and heading to a restaurant
  • Decorating a flower pot
  • Many more that I cannot remember
So we did some of those:

and it felt quite good to be that jolly.

it felt equally as good to share moments of inspiration
(even in sometimes just observing them),
silence, and rest.

In a nest of inspiration

to share the words

speaking the story of "speak thanks"

A delicate fix


late one evening, plume with pen

"we have fires that need putting out too"

the dream

These two women, for all their wonderful outward beauty, kindness, talent and enviable can-do attitudes, hold for me also (and i daresay more importantly) a place of mystical depth and spiritual understanding, an eloquence at speaking of their arduous journeys, and the most open-handed offer of a very sweet friendship.

Thank you for following the journey of our time together.

If you didn't get enough, here are all the originals and more:
The Plume Flys North


En Images: Wherein le Plume vole au nord - Edition 3

August 20, 2009 Candace Morris 2 Comments

the saint, the plume


green means go

One of the days Lady Plume was here, we decided to head up north to Deception Pass for a day trip. It was a festive drive up and such a gorgeous day. With walkie-talkies in hand, we all kind of wandered about at our own pace and our own snacks.

<span class=

It was also the day to break out the new camera and see what it could do...correction, to see what I could make it do. One on hand, it was totally frustrating because I wanted the quick perfect shot that a point and shoot can deliver, but once I became a bit more patient with it, it was so much fun to manipulate all the various factors to capture the mood I was going for in a particular frame. It was this day in history that I fell in love with manual focus.

Mr. and Mrs. Clark - age 8

He found me upon this rock

upon her bed of roots and dirt


After I had had my fill of camera, I managed to look up and find nature. Imagine! I sat on a rock and stared at this great little clam. I took him off the rock and then felt instant remorse that perhaps he would die due to my curiosity, so I held him onto the rock until he attached himself right back. I was quite relieved. Murders of a melancholic? I think not.


En Images: Wherein le Plume vole au nord - Edition 2

August 19, 2009 Candace Morris 1 Comments

The night I met her...

Thai was feeling the magic.

And we felt a wee bit giddy.

But we finally settled in for the wee hours,
those morning hours where you just can't get enough
of someone you've loved for a long time,
but only just met.