En Images: Wherein le Plume vole au nord - Edition 1

August 18, 2009 Candace Morris 3 Comments

Our last morning together:

We hit up our favorite greasy spoon for eggs benny, glo's.

industrial caution

We then trotted over to Kelly's studio and grabbed a painting that needed Plume's home as well as a piece the lady umber needed to bring home. Has it helped to sleep under it, Redwood?

plume spots a flower

two of my favorite artists

apostle's creed

<span class=

And then we said "à plus tard,"
Not goodbye.
Never goodbye.

smiles just before the parting

Hey Plume, that was fun.

p.s. as you can guess, i took many images. i will be posting them throughout the week.
p.s.s. kjk, we were incomplete. totally, utterly incomplete.

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