En Images: Wherein le Plume vole au nord - Edition 3

August 20, 2009 Candace Morris 2 Comments

the saint, the plume


green means go

One of the days Lady Plume was here, we decided to head up north to Deception Pass for a day trip. It was a festive drive up and such a gorgeous day. With walkie-talkies in hand, we all kind of wandered about at our own pace and our own snacks.

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It was also the day to break out the new camera and see what it could do...correction, to see what I could make it do. One on hand, it was totally frustrating because I wanted the quick perfect shot that a point and shoot can deliver, but once I became a bit more patient with it, it was so much fun to manipulate all the various factors to capture the mood I was going for in a particular frame. It was this day in history that I fell in love with manual focus.

Mr. and Mrs. Clark - age 8

He found me upon this rock

upon her bed of roots and dirt


After I had had my fill of camera, I managed to look up and find nature. Imagine! I sat on a rock and stared at this great little clam. I took him off the rock and then felt instant remorse that perhaps he would die due to my curiosity, so I held him onto the rock until he attached himself right back. I was quite relieved. Murders of a melancholic? I think not.

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