Dancing In the Streets

June 05, 2009 Candace Morris 3 Comments

It's true what they say about exercise! ENDORPHIN city!

I've been able to walk/run THREE times this week (hey, it's more than I've done in 6 months) and this breezy and cool Friday noon, I was out and about doing my run/walk to my 90's pandora station (cleverly titled "Clothes are Cumbersome" by my saint).

Oh lordy how I wanted to dance. Sure I had a few little arm movements I cleverly disguised as stretches, but mainly I had a joker-sized grin on my face the whole time because I saw myself footloosing it all down Summit Avenue and how people would laugh and I would laugh and all of the sudden - EUUUPPPHHHOORIIA!

I came home wanting to spend all day dancing, and remembered one of my very favorite 80s movies...Girls Just Wanna Have Fun staring (the trained dancer) Mz. Sarah Jessica Parker and her quirky comedic side-kick, Helen Hunt. TELL ME YOU'VE SEEN THIS MOVIE.

you have to watch at least until Lee Montgomery pops through the orange paper!

I'm gonna go dance in the shower now because this girl will forever be a child of the 80s!

just in case there was any doubt:

joel didn't do too bad either!

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