a really freaking good life

June 18, 2009 Candace Morris 2 Comments

My sister has bestowed upon me the highest honor. I get to bequeath a middle name to my zygote of a niece, Lily. Come November, I will be naming my goddaughter.

The goodness of this lingers in my soul.

I have spent the last 18 hours in the company of my favorite red. Having had a wonderful lunch with my gals (minus two :( ), Jess and I wandered to a cheap mani/pedi. We have then spent the afternoon lazying around the house watching old reruns and crying. It's pretty normal for us.

The goodness of this lingers in my soul.

I have had truly intimate support sessions of women I cannot get over. I have spent time lounging around one of my favorite light-filled apartments and hanging with the souls that embody the cutest little feline bodies. I have eaten 5 oreos (TJ's non corn syrup version) and helped finish a bottle of rosé and spoonfuls of yummy gespatcho.

The goodness of this lingers in my soul.
And though I want:
  1. a baby
  2. a bookstore
  3. a brewery
  4. a belearn'd MA in literature
  5. a best-of-the-best writing and photography career
  6. a buxom chest
I have found that today...
I have a really freaking good life...doing really not much at all.


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