Mercredi: Proving to myself that I am not wasting my life

June 10, 2009 Candace Morris 9 Comments


I have graduated from French I as of last night, and I was even complimented on my accent, merci beaucoup (it's about time, since this is the 3rd French class I have taken). In celebration, I wandered to my favorite house in the country today to learn another to sew.


My multi-talented and resourceful mother-in-law scrounged a pattern for me, originally made my her own mother in the late 50s. We lost grandma jessie last February, so it has been really touching to handle a pattern of a dress she would have handled. This dress already has a lot of meaning for me as 1) it was grandma's pattern 2) it's an excuse to absorb the gracious and nurturing company of my mom and 3) it will be the first piece of clothing I have ever made. I hope to have it finished by my 31rst birthday. Who will take me to tea so I can show it off? It was a wonderful day, complete with mom's yummy lattes, a wander in the garden (hellooo peony!), and a lunch on the deck. Though we only completed the cutting today, we'll soon be sewing!

Wednesdays are also becoming one of my favorite days of the week, as I have met my best boy Benji for happy hour three weeks in a row. We have embarked upon a mission to find Seattle's best German pub, and he's agreed to be my judge, of course. This fits into another project I have been working on as well, a blog of Seattle's eats...soon to come. I do love the easy-going flow of Ben's soul. If you are lucky enough to sit in his presence, I know you know of what I speak.

There are some gracious, still, kind souls around which it is just good for me to be.

Happy Hour

The People's Pub, Ballard, Seattle, Paradise.

And so I bed myself this evening, content from the mint n'chip and transient June breeze, and in the words of Emiliana Torrini, I am " full of wine and steady, nothing brings me down."


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