Never too late...

June 21, 2009 Candace Morris 5 Comments

teasing is their love language

Let's shoot things together.

It always does my soul quite good to hang out with my father, the one who raised my husband. A good man begetting a good man is rare and moving to behold.

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a patient and gifted teacher and a boy who bites his lip

and to me, he's been redemption.


dad and i

Dad and I playing memory on vacation


He always celebrated me...
And to my step-father, the man that was always there. Always steady. Always willing. Always eager to love. Always remembers me...


His heart is big...and broken.

Dad and I, Easter, 1979

And to my daddy...whose enigmatic, broken love still bolsters me, despite everything.

and to a few other dads who are setting a new standard for fatherhood in our generation.
i admire you, boys.

Steve and Delaney Dunlap

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Scott and Teresa
and to those to be a father this year...

Happy Father's Day.

A bright white bundle of peony, honoring a father I really like, a scalding bath, a facial mask, early to bed, falling asleep to the silence of summer rain.

How was your self-care Sunday?

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