2 du la matin: J'écris

June 17, 2009 Candace Morris 10 Comments

I should never be blogging this late, for inevitably I am maudlin. I have just finished quite a few episodes of my third run through of "Sex and the City," and before you roll your eyes, I think I have something to say that doesn't (only) include gushing over chanel, manolo, and dior.

I also willingly admit that I've shed a few tears (not uncommon for these leaky eyes) at a particularly well-written episode in season 6 (if you watch, it's the one where Charlotte has a miscarriage and watches the Elizabeth Taylor story, as well as the one where Miranda and Steve say "I love you" in the linen closet) and again the feeling of the profundity of storytelling descended upon me.

It always amazes me when I break it down. I just stared at a computer monitor for 1 hour and was completely attached to women that are entirely fictional, fabricated, NOT REAL. I have felt for them (and many many more) what I have felt for only my most intimate friends and lover(s). It's stupid and entirely remarkable. It's how I feel towards Jane in Jane Eyre or towards Cal in East of Eden, how Joel feels towards Spock and Han. We find absolutely real attachment to completely imagined people. The way I feel right now about the lives of four women is how I want people to feel about something I may write. To call forth tears from a living being because of something I wrote...to have them leave inspired, in awe of the power of words...feeling connected and empathetic towards something I created. This is truly a powerful thing. We get to live all the lives of all the fictional characters to whom we can relate, and this brings great healing, excitement, and perspective to my rather simple life.

To enrich a human life such as I am enriched in this very moment...
this, my friends...this is why I write.

that, and I would die if I didn't.

Here’s to the written word and the power of imagination,


to what fictional characters are you attached?

I am dying every minute I don't have my camera...

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