February Me Date

February 02, 2009 Candace Morris 2 Comments

i did mention that one of my goals this year was to make me dates more frequent, yes? well today all but begged me for some soul time, and i have learned to listen to its needs.

for my monday lunch break, i wandered the two blocks over to westlake center for a polish sausage and some sunshine. i slowed down my walking pace, i took a quantity of concentrated breaths, i made eye contact and smiled, i giggled at the charm of the turkish hot dog vendor, "my dear, your lunch is ready...". i sat and enjoyed my lunch while people-watching - which mainly consisted of ambitious black coats whirling by in a hurry and a group of raucous street kids flipping each other off.

dog in the daylight
dog in the daylight

i then wandered across the street to borders - mainly in quest of a book for someone's upcoming birthday, but to no avail. they did not have said book, and even though it's a corporate bookstore, i meandered in and out of aisles and breathed deep the aroma of friends. i finally perched on a low stool in the literature section and grabbed a copy of Les Mis, opened it at random, and read a few pages. i need to finish that book - i started it in college but never finished. i happened upon the scene where the bishop tells Jean Valjean that he has bought his life and that he is no longer a slave to evil, but belongs to good.

my soul churned inside me.
and the morning spent under florescents and staring at taupe-colored cubicle walls was suddenly not so bad.


as i headed back to work, i had the savory lingering of good food in my mouth, the moving themes of redemption in my soul, and a much needed wind at my back.

i will do this again soon.
once a month?

when will you take yourself out?

~ever comfortable in solo form,

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