soli-tude adjustment

August 19, 2008 Candace Morris 13 Comments

so in god's fucking graciousness, i have found some beautiful time to be alone. last night, tonight, tomorrow's like this sea of whatever.the.fuck.i.want...and it makes me just want to
SWEAR with joy.


Last night, I put away laundry, straightened our house, made some mexican food (my default when alone - and a huge victory over grabbing a hamburg on the way home), watched Olympics* & **, distributed yummy Yakima peaches to my friends who ordered a box, read both books (The Heart is a Lonely Hunter - it's blowing my mind and The Sylvia Plath Journals), journaled, and slept soundly with a happy productivity ease.

Solitude night #2 -my landing spot for purse and hat - home at last (walked today! yay)

do i want wine?

nah, g & t instead

the lovely pair of pairs

i DO kiss and tell, biatch

spontaneous dancing session while waiting for oven to preheat. tice's music makes me MOVE. umber sorry for the repeat of friday night on the club floor...:)

a little video blog to entertain you. i swear i don't have a lisp

favorite bowl from joel's mom

mixing the dough

attempting to knead the cheap.ass.dough

ready to bake

here's to hopin

25 min later - a bit charred but smelling SOO good

yeah, defenitly looking wrong

sitting to eat what has turned out to be more like a casserole...crust did NOT hold up.
(note wardrobe change. white and i haven't made up since the great merlot incident of 2004.)

it didn't at all stay together, but it was TASTY.

now off to settle in for more Olympics or maybe even a movie to make me cry. After all, I am alone - best take advantage of the open cry zone w/o my sensitive spouse peeking at me from the other couch. :)

Feeling fine, a little dandy, and certainly gin'ed up,

*joel and i dont have a tele- he instead bought me a media computer (that i built- thank you very much for the sexist comments about computer geeks) and we only watch tv through the internet or whatever- so i was really bummed at the original thought that i wouldn't be able to watch the Olympics. My family always joel FOUND me a downloadable client that records (even if it's already happened!) the events of my choosing (gymnastics, synchronized swimming, dressage (for umber), soccer, diving, swimming, etc) and so let's drink to JOEL!

** I love the hairless wonder, Mr. Phelps. I also wept when Nastia won the gold in gymnastics - the girl seemed unhealthily stoic and unreal in competition and to see her FINALLY break down broke me down.

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