cheeseburgers and booze

August 06, 2008 Candace Morris 7 Comments

Before you do anything, read this. Then respond.

Okay, so back to what I was saying.

I am immensely proud of my will-power. I FINALLY went back to Weight Watchers after 1 month of avoiding the scale. I had been wavering b/w settling on this weight and then just toning up or trying to reach my goal - which would mean another few* pounds.

* purposefully vague so i can avoid the inevitable gushing: "oh-my-gawd-you-are-so-crazy-why-do-you-even-want-to-loose-any-more-weight-you-look-so-good-wanna-go-get-some-chocolate-cake?."

anyway. so the scale wasn't as bad as i imagined - and can easily curb some of the (3-5) drinks i have nightly in order to shed that weight. cough*easily*cough.

but last night, i swear to the gods, i was ATTACKED by demons of food. when i came home, i ate dinner w/ my hubby and helped myself to splitting some seconds with him. and then i took a little nappy and read my book - but all throughout the rest of the night, through a movie, through doing the laundry, through planning out my vacation to California, i wanted one thing.

a cheeseburger.

it's so uncouth to crave such silly icons of American culture, but i love me some cheeseburgers. it does NOT help to live five blocks from a great greasy, cheap cheeseburger stand - Seattle's famous Dick's Burgers. And THEN when I was watching Half Nelson (a pretty great watch, btw), there was a scene at a diner with french fries, cheeseburgers, milkshakes. This did not further the plot by any means nor did it have anything to do with anything, but- dear god the power of suggestion. (incidentally, i always crave what people are eating in movies/TV. Jess and I ordered Chinese food the moment we sat down to marathon the first two seasons of Sex In the City - guess what the girls were eating?)
So after seeing the characters chowing down on some tasty burgers, we totally would have walked up to Dick's, but didn't have any cash. (what the hell is WITH cash only places, anyway?! it's really f'ed up.)

So I am very impressed with myself b/c I didn't give into the cheeseburger. Though, looking back, it would have saved me all of the following calories trying to fill the cheeseburger-shaped whole inside.

1.5 burritos
1 tequila
2 glasses of wine
1 oatmeal cookie
1 s'more with peanut butter
1 giggle fest where joel holds me up over his head and then drops me on the bed
1 massage

You only WISH you had my discipline.

Also, I plan on NOT giving up alcohol this week (see post) because tomorrow joelio and i take flight to Redding, CA to see my bff - miss jackie and her two childs. I WAS going to see her hubby, but alas, he was called to a strike team yesterday (since the whole west coast is on fire this summer).

Hot Tub
Giggle uncontrollably
Pee our pants with laughter
See Andrew and Drink
Hang out with the kids

Yeah, that sums it up.

Have the happiest of the next five days - I plan to.

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