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June 19, 2008 Candace Morris 3 Comments

I think everyone is voyeuristically interested in the seemingly-mundane details of everyone’s life.

It is under this presupposition that I write the following list of thoughts, tasks, and ideas:

Today I:

  • Researched and put on hold a Hawaiian vacation for Joel and I. This would be in September and would be the celebration of both our 30th bdays. If I can, I am also working on convincing Ben and Jess to come for their 30ths as well as my sister and her husband. Hell, everyone should come.
  • Had a lunch conversation with my Karen – whose voice I have not heard in over a year! So sad. She is on her way to Hawaii next week and I am SUPER excited for her. I miss this child dearly. Oh, and guess what?! They got a PUPPY last night....oooohhh, I can't wait to see pictures!
  • Researched camping food and planned camping lists for the Annual 2nd Camping Trip with my 12 friends. It’s only three weeks away, and I am super excited to get drunk, sweaty, and dirty with these honorable peeps. (hopefully this year will NOT include candace drinking too much wine and then hopping a log the size of Godzilla and then ignominiously spraining her ankle). Speaking of camping food, I am collaboratively asking what people like to cook (easy and tasty) while camping…well?
  • Worked on a side-project secret blog I have going to surprise miss Kelly upon her return from camping on Sunday.
  • Prepped my taste buds for a 2pm bday party in the office. It was my turn to host and I purchased the cutest looking mascarpone and berry cake from the Whole Foods bakery. OOH the anticipation.
  • Am in anticipation for tonight- as Jess’s mom is in town. When Denise is here, I eat like a queen and feel freaking fabulous. You have GOT to meet this woman.
  • Updated blogs.
  • Sent out a Bastille Day celebration invitation! I love France. (down with america! j/k patriot act)
  • Ate a granola bar and apple for breakfast, had green and mint tea, and then had chicken gumbo soup for lunch.

    Okay now I am boring myself.

    But I did have something to share. I was thinking last night that in marriage or any relationship, it gets very easy to be unintentional with your relationship. Life happens and often steals our ability to purpose time for someone else. It’s so great and super necessary to just be lazy together, but I am challenging the definition of this laze. For me, it’s easy to watch movies with joelio and feel generally blazé about the evening afterwards, but if instead we decide to have a night where we just turn off the TV and hang out – I feel so much more connected to him. For instance, we decided no TV last night (we don’t have TV, so movies), and instead we had tea on the roof while watching the sunset, sat on the couch and looked at magazines, laughed and wrestled, I got a nice back rub, joel got to bed early and I took a hot bath, and then got to spend time with my BOOK! In addition, it put us both in bed much earlier.

    If you could spend the ideal night with your spouse or friend or anyone, would it really include couch potatoing? And if so, cool – but what would your second choice be? Tell me…ready? Go.

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