friday on my mind.

June 27, 2008 Candace Morris 7 Comments

i feel as frolicsome today as the foam bubbles in my cappuccino. light, airy, and full of quiet buoyant expectation.

i have a hunch as to why this feels like the perfect day in existence:

  1. it's friday. duh.
  2. it's 60 degrees at 8:40am, and supposed to be up to 89 this weekend! even just the walk to my building from the bus was a glorious, coat-free strut that boosted my step and puffed up my new (and adorable) skirt with confidence.
  3. i get to leave work today at 2pm - for a decadent lunch with my coworker, then off to camp with mom and dad in their new RV for the night.
  4. had just the most euphoric evening at the gomes' last night. they have a new backyard complete with fire pit, hammock, and table upon which we ate some lovely summer fare and imbibed bottle(s) of wine. the conversation was comical, intimate, vulnerable, and like always with them, quite safe for me. always safe, always caring, always i feel present in myself, alive, and know that whatever i say - they will love - because they love me. dears, do you have this kind of love in your life? if not, let me introduce you to ben and jess.

my jess, i cannot say enough about the ages and times and portals through which we have passed and emerged ever more mystic and lovely. you have never known warmth until she brings you one of her cocktails, cooks you one of her meals, enchants you with her words, and embraces you in her timeless bosom of all women.

(that's me, not jess- with ben - but man' aren't we a sexy pair? this man is so important for me...i feel almost a child-like safety with him. he adores me, i adore him, and it is within this mutual adoration and intuition with which we see each other that i understand him to be great. oh dear old soul, you can make me weep with your beauty.)

So in an effort to make some cash on this art called writing, i have acquiesced to google's advertisements on my page. Today, as i was checking my blog roll for updates, I noticed the ads that were chosen. Apparently, google scans your blog for key words in order to make the ads relevant, and I ask you - what in the hell did they read on my blog that made them decide on "Chicago Bathroom Cleaning" as an appropriate ad? UNFORGIVABLE!

i might be MIA most of this weekend because i will be enjoying life too much to be at home! i am camping overnight with my parents tonight, having a fun and intimate ladie's night with six of the best women ever (though two will be not present) where we plan to swim, bbq, and share our favorite childhood story (i didn't know it in childhood, but i will probably share The Giving Tree by Silverstein).

What is YOUR favorite childhood book?

happy, happy, happy, happy friday.

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