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Sometimes I feel like the most distracting thing to reading and writing (what I wanted to do with my day) is the internet.  There is just so much beauty stealing my eye-ball time.

Distraction number one:  Per my DailyCandy email, I found this center available in Fremont called the Fremont Abbey Arts Center.  This place is  so gorgeous.  Not only would it be PERFECT for the catholicbeer brewery, but it makes me want to get married all over again.  Wadda say, Mr. Morris?

Distraction number two:  Anthropologie.  Namely these!

Lonny Magazine, for distraction number three, is an online magazine from the creators of Domino.  They have cleverly placed URLs all over their pages so that we can just pop on over to any website and buy what we fancy.   Not only is this a strain on my LOCK-IT-UP-AND-TOSS-THE-KEY pocketbook, but it also manages to squeeze more and more ideas into my already overloaded brain. LOVE the idea of this plant table and can already see where I would place it.  I would wake up (whenever I desire, as usual), heat my water for tea, pop my whole wheat bread into the toaster, and wander over to talk to my plants.  What a hard life.

And contrary to popular complaint on this here blog, I would like you all to know that where I live is beyond flipping awesome.  It's heartrendingly romantic, bucolic, and oh so silent.  My evenings are filled with port and staring at the saint as he builds me a fire.  Though I am craving some honest hard work, I cannot by any means complain.

That being said!  I would like to complain!  One of the things about this here particular region of Washington is the wind storms that gust their way in with Fall.  Many people lose their homes, if not power for weeks at a time.  Well, last night we fell asleep to some serious eerie blundering and awoke to a power outage.  Joel built up a fire so we could at least stay warm, but as soon as I realized we would have no water (pump runs on electricity), and that I couldn't cook, I started to feel very CROSS indeed about being a country-girl today.

From 25 PER DIEM

From 25 PER DIEM

From 25 PER DIEM

I searched out our stash of tuques (the best country-girl way to cover up bed-head) and hopped on over to my parent's house (in my dad's truck) for coffee, shower, food, and internet.  I fancied that I could stick it out, bundle up, and read all day.  This would have been fine, but I am not resourceful enough to cook with no power and drink with no water (could I substitute my daily water regimen for gin instead?  I am SURE that's a country-ism).

Make no mistake...I am NO trooper.   I do not see survival situations as fun.  I am a Victorian with a need for daily showers and hot tea with scones and jam...and the internet.

But then the gods saw fit to bless me.  Last year, I purchased a hound-sooth coat from a totally slutty store on Broadway, but I didn't realize until I got it home that it smelled like the burned flesh of a Chinese immigrant in a sweatshop. gross. I tried everything to get the smell out of this coat...clothesline, dry cleaning, etc.  I finally gave up and left it hanging in my closet.  Just today, I went in search of a coat and decided to smell the coat one last time before I took it to goodwill.  WHAT JOY IS MINE!! It smelled normal.  I wore it.  I forgive the universe for powering me down and depriving me of food and water.

Poor me, I have to be here all day:

From 25 PER DIEM

From 25 PER DIEM

From 25 PER DIEM

From 25 PER DIEM

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