October 01, 2009 Candace Morris 1 Comments

It's gorgeous out in my neck of the woods today. I have my hood on, my tea scalding, and cinnamon roll in my belly. It's gray, it's brisk, it's fall.

I was thinking (as I was driving, which looks like it will be my main "write that!" muse, except I imagine it will be dangerous to keep a list whilst driving these curvy forested roads) that fall is seriously the supreme-est of seasons. I have always tried to pinpoint exactly why that is, but I realized yesterday (as I was driving) that fall is simply smarter than the other seasons. It's more modest than the skin-bearing summer, more poised than gregarious spring, and more colorful than the white winters. It means going to the symphony, wearing smart jackets and boots, donning deep read lipstick or more eyeliner than usual. Fall is dramatic; fall is subdued; fall is everything I hope to be.

Today I leave to be with my sister in San Diego (she's 7 months prego with my 5th niece). I should be getting ready to head out to the airport, but just had to mention a few things.

I am finding myself easing into the beauty here. I finally got the internet all set up yesterday and got the spice rack and tea cupboard in working order (these two things are obviously very important to the feng shui of the kitchen). We met my lovely old neighbors for Chinese and brought them back here to sit around fire and drink tea into the wee hours of the morning. All of these things are contributing to the peace I know this place will offer me.

I've also realized what a tremendous comfort YOU are to me. For those of you who've confessed to it, I know your eyes reading my words and offering me friendship and support from afar. Sure, many of you cannot drive to my doorstep and drink my tea (or build me a fire, or save me from serial killers), but you can speak my greatest love language...words of great encouragement. You have born witness to my life and even now, if I had to move to a truly remote location, I know I will have you. This comforted me much more than I anticipated when I began this blog two years ago this month (at the bidding of YOU whilst around a fire).

And lastly, I wanted to mention that since today is the first of October, I will be resuming my 12-month challenge. I looked at my list this morning and decided that this month I will shoot 25 images a day. I know you are all eager to see pictures of this place so it will be good soul-work for me to capture my new house through my own lens. I look forward to sharing these with you.

Off to pack and head out.

The bounty and intelligence of fall offers to you today great hope,


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