Edible Plant Sale

May 05, 2012 Candace Morris 3 Comments




I know I am in the minority in the nature-loving blog world when I exclaim how much I love living in the city.  But Seattle is unlike any city experience.  It completely protects and provides for my introversion and solitude, but also presents opportunities for intelligent culture and gorgeous scenery.  Today we walked three blocks to an Edible Plant Sale and were immersed in a world of urban farming and family life.  The stroll was filled with all manner of sensory pleasures from blooming jasmine to tart lemonade to quintessential Seattle little girls wearing contrasting patterned tights and skirts.   

You know, as Joel and I anticipate the greatest of lifestyle changes come August, we've been intentionally taking advantage of spontaneous outings and restaurant feasting, full-well knowing how impossible it will be with a baby.  It was therefore tremendously refreshing to realize that today's indulgence would have been just as feasible with the baby girl in Joel's arms (who incidentally refuses to contribute an opinion to a baby carrier, he will just carry her everywhere, "it's what real men do."  Cute, but oh man is he in for a world of pain).  It's nice to know that not everything is going to be turned on its head.

Afterward, we continued our Saturday indulgence with a trip to Buffalo Exchange, where I praised the fashion gods for loose-fitting shirts that are so ubiquitous these days.  Before returning home, we enjoyed a delectable lunch while sitting in a sun-filled Beirgarten.  

May you find a wonderful way to waste a day,

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