Sweet and Heady

May 02, 2012 Candace Morris 4 Comments

A few items of random note:

  • A new mantra (shamelessly stolen from a bumper sticker): Eat Good, Feel Good.
  • Also, it feels really good to feel good.  It feels terrible to feel badly.  Let us all remember this when we are tempted to harshly judge others' capacities.
  • Of all the spring blooms, I think I love lilacs the best.  Don't tell the lilies, daphne, or jasmine.  I have been waiting and waiting for her arrival.  Upon returning from a weekend in San Francisco, she was here.  I could have cried.
  • This week we are finally going to finish Star Trek Voyager.  Then we can continue my Star Trek education with The Next Generation.  Out of order, yes.  One cannot help when one becomes interested, I guess.
  • I cannot believe that I have only 14 weeks left before I meet my very own baby.  I feel the clouds of dread dissipating, and in their place stands a vessel that is growing deeper and deeper.  No doubt, this is the preparation for the love I will hold for my daughter.
  • I've been editing papers lately (I was a teacher after all).  I forgot the deep satisfaction it brings to assist others;there is no other feeling quite like it. While I can not envision myself back in a classroom setting, I feel rather certain (and excited) that teaching isn't done with me yet.  
  • I am reading the most amazing book.  Really, I am so disappointed I didn't write it.

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