camping checklist

July 28, 2011 Candace Morris 6 Comments

I was just working on a checklist for camping this weekend.  I was amused by the drink list.  Especially the "more beer" part.  

But truley the best part of the list is the Mom who cooks all the meals so I can feel like a kid again.  I have to make ONE lunch, but honestly - who is this spoiled? MEEEEE.

What should I make?!!!


le poème

July 27, 2011 Candace Morris 6 Comments

I have in me a sickness
that doesn't allow me to see
clearly.  Or makes me see
too clearly the sadness
of all living things.

Recognizing the death
before glorying in the life.

The end always taints the preface.
No matter how happily

He drove us home Sunday.  I leaned out the window like a new puppy.
Trees black against summer's dusk.
Sometimes I swear I can see the earth's curve
as clearly
as the sinister hip of a whore lying on her side.

Naked and Vast.
Suffocating hope.

My body could not contain the Bliss.
I was petrified to identify it
Least it run rebellious from its namesake.
But I did.
And it stayed.

We've been getting along better these days.


the 50mm

July 25, 2011 Candace Morris 7 Comments

To celebrate 33 successful years of staying alive, Joelio gave me the 50mm lens I'd been wanting.  Boy oh I love it.  It creates the depth of field that my other lens just doesn't quite have the unique power to do.  It's sooooo perfect for shooting portraits - as it focuses soley on the subject and blurs the background so dramatically, making the person just pop out at you!

A few shots of my first days with my lens.



July 24, 2011 Candace Morris 4 Comments

new hairs. again.

Joan Jett and David Bowie had a love-child on my head.
This is the result of requesting an asymmetrical Asian fashion mullet with European softness and nonchalance..

Joel is "getting used to it."
Which makes me like it even more.
Which makes me a bad wife.
Which makes him like me even more.


herein starts the first of many "look what i did for my birthday" posts

July 21, 2011 Candace Morris 4 Comments

Please forgive this. I usually have several birthday celebrations to report.

Age 5 bday party
Please note my sister's awesome outfit to the left, my brother's relaxed posed in front, my mom's sexy shoulders, and well as the macrame planter in the back.  I love 1982.

There exists a common adult sentiment that bemoans how birthdays are never as they were during childhood.  There was usually one big party with friends and relatives and if you were lucky enough to have a "school year" birthday, you may have enjoyed a cupcake party with your classmates.

I think childhood birthdays are bullocks.
I mean my mom did a great job, don't get me wrong...but adult birthdays are WAY better.
  1. Booze.
  2. More money to spend on yourself.
  3. Mainly booze.
But the very best reason why adult birthdays are superior is how many times I get to celebrate - the upside to having such extended friends and family.  Last night, I doe-eyed asked my loving husband to take me for ice cream as the beginning of such celebrations.  Nice that we live less than a mile from some of the best ice cream in the city!

So...look what I did for (1 of) my birthday(s)!
Joel got the Scout Mint (girl-scout mint cookies in mint!) 
I debated between my favorite Strawberry-Balsamic, but I settled on the Cherry Chunk (think Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia, only fresher!).  DELISH.

If you live in Seattle, you no doubt know the Molly Moon's craze...but if you don't and are planning on visiting Seattle and like ice cream, do it.  All the cool kids are.

Today so far (which is the actual day) I've:
worn more eye-liner than necessary
indulged in half a maple bar 
received lovely white roses from my awesome coworker (and friend), Stacy 
and looking forward to several tasty pints tonight.

Bday posts to come:
Spa Day
Family Party
Joel's mysterious gift.
Packages and letter to arrive.



July 20, 2011 Candace Morris 5 Comments

the unbearable lightness

i've always been critical

as i push through the terroir
from seed
to stalk
to color.

petals desperately clinging
some floating
through the air
with unbearable
not sticking to anything
barely here, hardly there.
almost sober.

in elsewhere places
(paris, california, atlanta, chicago, idaho, unborn)
with kin-folk who insist on coming
and going
as if they owned the right to their destiny.
hot arrogance.
they belong with me.
what unkind other unwound our paths?

my soul has stretch its wings
just as directed.

but now.
it's too taut.

i need it back.
come home.


i will survive {a rainy camping trip}

July 19, 2011 Candace Morris 6 Comments

(if you usually read this on an RSS feed, I encourage you to look at the actual blog.  It got a makeover, and I love it - thanks Frankie!)

It was worse than I imagined it would be, and believe me, I imagined it unpleasant.  As any true Seattle-ite knows, weather forecasts are merely suggestions and often entirely erroneous.  I had hope that the reports of rain would be proven wrong - even from sheer will-power.  Not so.  As the rainy conditions persisted throughout the weekend, I continually had to adjust and readjust my attitude...and there was a plethora of attitude adjustments readily available in the ice chest.  After all, what's camping if not a royal pain in the ass?  You know what's missing from adult camping, a parent!  I need my mom there to have dinner ready and do all the work so I can just sit around and read by the fire.  I'm going to hire a mother to take next year.  Despite all the work and inconvenience of rain, there was one magical moment on Saturday where we saw the sun and wandered out to the beach to take it in.  In the end, the point of the trip was accomplished - to gorge ourselves on the outdoors, good food, ungodly amounts of cheap booze, and the beautiful and rare gift of wasting time with your best friends.

(here, all but the Morris' and Kronbach's are undressing.  I will not even attempt to analyze this.)

I'm convinced that living in bare-bones conditions for 4 days in miserable weather is the very reason why I'm BLISS-ED OUT on my house, my bed, my kitty, and my bathtub. 
 I'm a simple man, really.

If you want more...
3rd Annual Camping Trip