Best Of 2018: Music for writing

December 28, 2018 candacemorris 0 Comments

I need music to write.

Music, I've discovered this year especially, makes all the difference in my ability to get into the emotion of what I am writing. (I'm even considering making a suggested playlist for each chapter in the book I'm currently writing). This year, I've been able to compile my go-to music for writing, but I have two different playlists depending on the kind of writing I'm trying to accomplish.

Music while working is tricky for me because I am also extremely sensitive to auditory stimulation. I was one of those college students who would trek to the library and plant myself into a desk with the walls all up around it, just so I could have near total silence. But now, since I work at home and have a lot of solitude, sometimes that silence can be deafening, demotivating. That's when I discovered that a certain type of music actually would really help me - it had to be wordless, ambient, but also have driving beats and a strong sense of emotion. I needed to be placed into the other world and music transported me.

So, for writing where I am needing to get things flowing and moving, to really get it done, to do a lot of editing for stuff already written, I've complied this Write: Produce Mode list. It's full of Tycho, Ulrich Schanuss, Brian Eno, and more.

For writing that's meditative and painful (I am writing a book about death and grief and my dead best friend, after all), I created Write: Temenos Mode. 'Temenos' is a Greek term describing a piece of land set aside for kings or reserved as sacred and protected. Carl Jung used it to describe a personal container, sense of holy privacy, a protected space where creation happens (just writing, no editors or judgments allowed). This music is also great for tarot pulls, meditation, and naps!

I'd love to hear any more recommendations!
Get writing.


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