i will survive {a rainy camping trip}

July 19, 2011 Candace Morris 6 Comments

(if you usually read this on an RSS feed, I encourage you to look at the actual blog.  It got a makeover, and I love it - thanks Frankie!)

It was worse than I imagined it would be, and believe me, I imagined it unpleasant.  As any true Seattle-ite knows, weather forecasts are merely suggestions and often entirely erroneous.  I had hope that the reports of rain would be proven wrong - even from sheer will-power.  Not so.  As the rainy conditions persisted throughout the weekend, I continually had to adjust and readjust my attitude...and there was a plethora of attitude adjustments readily available in the ice chest.  After all, what's camping if not a royal pain in the ass?  You know what's missing from adult camping, a parent!  I need my mom there to have dinner ready and do all the work so I can just sit around and read by the fire.  I'm going to hire a mother to take next year.  Despite all the work and inconvenience of rain, there was one magical moment on Saturday where we saw the sun and wandered out to the beach to take it in.  In the end, the point of the trip was accomplished - to gorge ourselves on the outdoors, good food, ungodly amounts of cheap booze, and the beautiful and rare gift of wasting time with your best friends.

(here, all but the Morris' and Kronbach's are undressing.  I will not even attempt to analyze this.)

I'm convinced that living in bare-bones conditions for 4 days in miserable weather is the very reason why I'm BLISS-ED OUT on my house, my bed, my kitty, and my bathtub. 
 I'm a simple man, really.

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