practicing - that's what friends are for

June 30, 2011 Candace Morris 4 Comments

Isn't she a beauty?  My good friend (and gifted art therapist) Niki graciously allowed me to shoot a few photographs of her last weekend so that I could get the necessary practice in for the wedding I am shooting this weekend in SF with Kelly.  It's the first wedding I've shot solo, so I am pretty nervous as well as excited.  It's supposed to be gorgeous in SF this weekend, to boot!  Here's to 70 degrees, sunshine, and picture-takin' mojo.

Off to the airport!

Happy 4th of July, hot-dog eatin', blowin' shit up, and God Bless America and stuff,


Sara Palin 2012

June 27, 2011 Candace Morris 6 Comments

My lovely sister-in-law recently introduced the family to a new game.  Since then, I've taught it to several of my friends and it never fails to make every one pretty much ache from laughter.  

You start with a group of people, each of them have their own writing tablet.  The first person writes a sentence, any sentence they can think of.  They pass their tablet to the left.  The next person reads the sentence, flips the page, and draws the illustration of that sentence as best they can.  They pass their tablet to the left.  The next person looks at the picture, flips the page, and writes a sentence based on their interpretation of that drawing.  This goes on until you end with your tablet.

This weekend, a happy accident put a few of my friends around my table, playing this game.  There was one particular round that I think internet-worthy.  Please pardon the subject matter - these cartoons are not for the faint of heart or any Sara Palin supporters!

Sentence beginner by Jeremy Kronbach:
"Sara Palin 2012!"

 Drawing by Niki Lewis

Drawing interpretation by Candace Morris
"The hicks smiled their buck-toothed smiles as they celebrated Sara Palin's 2012 presidential victory."

Sentence interpretation by Tice Lewis
(this one killed us)

Drawing interpretation by Joel Morris
"The crazed bikini lady with the tied-on nose forced the down's syndrome fat boys to french kiss their balding heads together; confetti streamed.

Drawing interpretation by Jeremy Kronbach 
(not knowing he was interpreting his original sentence!)
"Two self-deprecating drag queens create a steam bath out of their loinal humidity while Liz Lemon wears a coon mask and judges them."
(Liz Lemon = Tina Fey = Primo Sara Palin imitator!  Amazing!)

I think I lost it at "loinal humidity."

I completely forgot the sentence behind this, but it was a favorite drawing among the crowd.  The flower may or may not be inseminating the sky while a cat poos on the lawn.

Tice's interpretaion of my phrase, "I would rather have real pain than champagne."

I have several other memories of some pretty amazing rounds of this game with others.  I highly encourage it as a pass-time (that is, if there are no more episodes of Game of Thrones* to watch).

*Our new favorite obsession.


the longest day of the year

June 21, 2011 Candace Morris 4 Comments

ever popular wind
sun salutation
my lovah
10:04pm - June 21, 2011
10:04 pm

10:33pm - June 21, 2011
10:33 pm

It's nearing 11:00 pm, and I'm just now seeing black.  
Summer nights in the PNW are a phenomenon I store away for future memories.
When my life has long been spent,
and I begin to feel the once innumerable hours of my existence exact their quantitative numbers upon my ticking heart,
  there are few things I request as I leave this planet.

I want to feel Joel's comfort through my hand,
I want to see my dearest kin's faces as they wrestle with the paradox of pain and peace,
 and I want to remember the night sky as I saw it tonight.

i've definitely got my eyes on this one

Life as one long, gorgeous day.



June 20, 2011 Candace Morris 5 Comments



June 19, 2011 Candace Morris 5 Comments

Let's take a moment, shall we?

I woke up this morning confused and frustrated from a conversation last night with my parents over some long-standing theological and psychological disagreements.  They distrust psychology; I distrust church.  Where does that leave us?  I have no idea.  It ended well, and we are all still laughing and loving each other, but I needed a moment this morning to reconnect with myself and understand my own process. My therapist calls it "self-soothing."

Any one else out there struggle with an adult relationship with your folks? I doubt I'm the only one. The point of relationships isn't to always be at peace and in agreement.  The point is to be IN the relationship - tears, yelling, hugs, and all.  Just like the point of life isn't to ARRIVE at conclusions as much as it is to continue the journey.

Joel took my parents to church this morning, and I've spent the last two hours with my latte and journal, reentering my soul, assuring myself to trust the work I've done to arrive where I am (which I believe to have been directed by an all-knowing other), and remembering my core values.  It may not be my parents values, but they still love me and I am proud of myself for articulating that to them with courage.  I've tried it their way and now I need to try it my way.  Isn't that the nature of a child relating to its parents?  We must make our own way and at the end of our lives, they will not be around to answer to.  It's just you and the universe, kid.

Today, I've reached no conclusions save this:
Solitude is sacred.  The words we say to ourselves in solitude are perhaps the most important words we will utter in the entire day.  How we feel about ourselves directly impacts how we feel about others.  We cannot intrinsically distrust ourselves and expect others to find us trustworthy.

You all deserve a moment alone to reconnect to who you are.


a date to daydream

June 15, 2011 Candace Morris 2 Comments

cozythe living
grandmother's lamp

There are evenings when we decide that the very best thing for our preoccupied and exhausted minds is to take a night off from allowing media to distract us from fatigue
and instead decide to indulge in the pleasure and practice of

We leaf through our collectible books, maybe reading, maybe not.
We sip hot tea and speak freely of
lofty insignificance.

I'm teaching myself to be free of cares.
And he
as always
is right by my side.

To frivolity, boredom, and pretty books,