Sara Palin 2012

June 27, 2011 Candace Morris 6 Comments

My lovely sister-in-law recently introduced the family to a new game.  Since then, I've taught it to several of my friends and it never fails to make every one pretty much ache from laughter.  

You start with a group of people, each of them have their own writing tablet.  The first person writes a sentence, any sentence they can think of.  They pass their tablet to the left.  The next person reads the sentence, flips the page, and draws the illustration of that sentence as best they can.  They pass their tablet to the left.  The next person looks at the picture, flips the page, and writes a sentence based on their interpretation of that drawing.  This goes on until you end with your tablet.

This weekend, a happy accident put a few of my friends around my table, playing this game.  There was one particular round that I think internet-worthy.  Please pardon the subject matter - these cartoons are not for the faint of heart or any Sara Palin supporters!

Sentence beginner by Jeremy Kronbach:
"Sara Palin 2012!"

 Drawing by Niki Lewis

Drawing interpretation by Candace Morris
"The hicks smiled their buck-toothed smiles as they celebrated Sara Palin's 2012 presidential victory."

Sentence interpretation by Tice Lewis
(this one killed us)

Drawing interpretation by Joel Morris
"The crazed bikini lady with the tied-on nose forced the down's syndrome fat boys to french kiss their balding heads together; confetti streamed.

Drawing interpretation by Jeremy Kronbach 
(not knowing he was interpreting his original sentence!)
"Two self-deprecating drag queens create a steam bath out of their loinal humidity while Liz Lemon wears a coon mask and judges them."
(Liz Lemon = Tina Fey = Primo Sara Palin imitator!  Amazing!)

I think I lost it at "loinal humidity."

I completely forgot the sentence behind this, but it was a favorite drawing among the crowd.  The flower may or may not be inseminating the sky while a cat poos on the lawn.

Tice's interpretaion of my phrase, "I would rather have real pain than champagne."

I have several other memories of some pretty amazing rounds of this game with others.  I highly encourage it as a pass-time (that is, if there are no more episodes of Game of Thrones* to watch).

*Our new favorite obsession.

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