the weekend report

August 08, 2011 Candace Morris 2 Comments

Hello mates,
Another fine weekend to report to you.  Friday night I dressed up to cook Joel a lovely dinner, complete with cocktails and a kiss as he walked in the door.  I made him filet mignon topped with bearnaise sauce as planned, but also added a side dish of cacio e pepe (my newest pasta obsession!).  We supped in leisure, walked to get more wine when we had finished the one bottle, turned up my french cafe pandora station, and generally lived well for the evening (including beginning a new show, the BBC remake of Sherlock Holmes in modern days and it's REALLY good!).

Saturday brought my niece and sister-in-law to Washington for a visit.  Olive is such a personality.  She makes us all laugh so much!  

Although her Uncle Joel scares her a bit, she is getting quite used to him and his silly antics.


Saturday night was spent at the pub celebrating Tice's 30th bday.  

It was quite a riot, complete with a surprise visit from Devon and Jason and new baby Ethan!  The girls may have been just a LITTLE excited to finally meet this guy.  It was a perfect summer evening...we drove home windows down, music up (way up), and spirits too lofty for this earth.  Epic, I tell you.

(Parenthetically speaking, the hangover was a bit less epic.)

Sunday we took our typical drive out to Joel's parents to celebrate Jenn's 30th bday with a day of sunshine, berry picking, eating, and laughing at Olive (also stealing the occasional kiss when she would let me).

This guy deserves a gold-metal for the amount of crazy he's put up with lately.  We are talking ridiculous bouts of sobs, irrationality, and multiple-personality insanity.  Joel, seriously...thank you for being man enough to be the best girlfriend I've ever had - deeply nurturing without requiring anything back (except a few kisses; he IS still man, afterall). 

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