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April 11, 2011 Candace Morris 8 Comments

Happy Monday, readers and friends.  How do you fare this morning?  I find myself rested, elevated in spirits, and rearing to go this week.  Today marks the beginning of week one of my commitment to bikini season.  I am praying for a trip to Hawaii this fall, and am simply not well enough to feel good strutting around.


For the next 10 or so weeks, I am buckling down and reclaiming that my best days, my most beautiful days, are ahead of me.
(Say it to your soul today for me too, won't you?)

A few items of this and that to report, in random and capricious order:

Joel and I are geeking out to a(nother) BBC miniseries called Downton Abbey.  This after we just finished watching Howard's End and North and South.  A shared interest of all things British has been a wonderfully common ground for Joel and I of late.  Truthfully, we do not share the same taste in movies and TV and will often enjoy them separately alone.  It is awfully nice to love something together, do you think?

I saw this for the first time, finally.
What do I think of Fellini?  I am not sure.  Bizarre, beautiful, decadent.
    Rewatched this and this.
      Read this.


      Waited for Joel to get ready while playing this 

      pho, no meat...extra broccoli
      so we could go eat this.

      Pho with no meat, extra broccoli. I add a lot of plum sauce, a few dabs of sriracha, a bunch of basil, and a twist of fresh lime.  Add a chrysanthemum tea with honey and you have a cheap and delicious city lunch.

      The weekend was full of awesome meals, actually.  Joel and I are addicted to this Cuban sandwich place called Pasoe's.  It's ridiculous.  I am taking you there if you come to Seattle.

      We also met up for a spontaneous brunch and spent all Sunday morning lounging in the company of our friends and awesome food.
      (Also happy to report that I was able to stay under 10 drinks this week.  Quite proud of myself, quite proud.)


      Cleaned out the closet and sold some clothes at a consignment store.  Felt so good!  Afterward, I spent my store credit on a great pair of black pleated slacks - something I've been wanting for some time, but just couldn't find any that flattered my pear shape.


      It's my girl's birthday!  It happens to be a special one. Last year at this time she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and now - completely cancer free.
      (knock on wood, pray to god, cross your fingers...whatever you do to bend the universe to your will)
      Happiest of Birthdays, Kelly dear.  This year is going to be the best one yet.

      Affectionately Yours,

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