weekend report: the laze.

September 06, 2010 Candace Morris 1 Comments

After a very busy August - one with every single weekend full - I'm ever so happy to report that this weekend was filled with a whole-latta-nothin'.  That nothing took the form of watching movies with my saint and sister, a few cocktails, and a general laze.  In fact, it's noon and I'm sitting here in my pjs, still nursing a cup of coffee, and thinking I might go take a nap.

I did want to mention the movies we watched because I've been quite pleased with them all.

Aurthur's Father-in-law: "I don't drink, drinking affects your decision making."
Aurthur:  "You may be right.  I can't decide."

On Friday night, after a few whiskeys, Teresa suggested we watch  "Arthur."  Apparently it's even funnier with a bit of libations.  She was right, it completely made us laugh all over our faces.  He just plays a drunk so darn well.   I highly recommend it.

Come Saturday night, I made some Raviolis and we turned on the documentary called "Babies" that I've been really eager to see. Have you heard of it? It chronicles the first year of life in four different babies, each of them located in various parts of the world.  It was so perfectly filmed; the footage from the Mongolian boy is breathtaking.  We loved it.

And on this lazy Labor Day morning, we watched "Mary and Max."  It was one of the best Claymation films I've ever seen.  Endearing, funny, and dark.  It tells the story of two unexpected pen pals and their personal struggles towards self-acceptance and friendship.  Perfect for a holiday morning while trying to recover from a bit too much fun I had at my cousin's wedding last night.

So there you go.  My weekend report: movie edition.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a nap calling my name.
Rest well my darlings,

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