weekend report (a wee bit tardy)

August 04, 2010 Candace Morris 1 Comments

Sheeesh.  Is it already Wednesday?  The days seem to be so full lately that I cannot help but feel like life is all blurry and fast-paced like that old Madonna video.

Well the weekend was a FULL one.

Friday:  12am, pick up two of our favorite people, and cousins, from the airport.  11am, attend Pirate wedding of cousin.  Help other cousin shoot (as in pictures, not pistols) said pirate wedding for 12 hours. 
( If you couldn't tell, Joel and I opted out of dressing like pirates for the sake of our own fragile dignity)
I took close to 500 images, so look forward to those whenever I have enough wine in the house to face all the post-processing.  I'm thinking next week when I am crashing at Kelly's.

Saturday:  Hang out at parents house, put together a meal for 12, pick berries (or watch others as they tried), watch the boys chop wood, laugh a lot, eat even more.  
Due to the aforementioned 12-hour wedding shoots, my lovely Erin and I were sick of our cameras and no pictures were taken.  Do forgive.

Sunday: Hang out at parents house to celebrate my sister's and my co-birthdays, learn to chop wood, pick up parents at airport, laugh a lot, eat even more.  By today, Erin and I had recovered our ability to stomach photography again.
Especially Erin...the above black/white shots are hers (save that last one, which is my bro Brian's).  I think she has such talent...plus one kick ass camera never hurt anyone.

Tonight, I'm treating my parents to a 360 degree rotating view as we dine at the Space Needle.  Cheers to Wednesday, kitty cats.

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