On the road again...

August 06, 2010 Candace Morris 2 Comments

It's an early morning for me! I am off to drop my parents at the airport and then head out to the open road for the 10  hour journey from Seattle, Washington, to Arcata, California.

(last summer)

I've collected all my road trip/hang with Kelly materials:
old magazines for her (I always gave them to her after I was done)
some raspberry jam
my various journals
the beginning of a writing project
music and podcasts cued up
roots newly dyed 
toes newly painted
snacks packed
and layers of clothing...because the seaside is often tumultuous and unpredictable.

I love the open road. 
And call me a bit crazy, but I love driving long distances alone.

See you in Cali!
Don't worry, I'm sure we will have many postings to show you of our misadventures.
Which may or may not include:
copious amounts of vegetable and fruit eating
making jam or some other pioneer woman treat
drinking of various bottles of wine, gin, and dare I say...bourbon?
(which shall inevitably produce a simultaneous combustion of uncontrollable giggles and long-due tears)
staring at the ocean
(me with camera)
(she with paintbrush)
sitting in the grass
and other shenanigans of the relaxing sort.

Honk Honk!
Le adios!
Arrribba Arriba!

We are moving.  Our country life is coming to a close, and I couldn't be more sad.  But it's time...more on this later.

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