if you lived with me...

August 19, 2010 Candace Morris 8 Comments

...then you might notice two of my following habits...and since I am feeling confessional today, I thought I would reveal them here.
I've begun this (I think) good habit of refusing to turn on my computer in the morning until after I've sat in quiet.  My house may not be quiet, but internally - I try to quiet myself.  This may include a pensive cup of coffee while staring out at the cedars, but it almost always includes journaling and reading.  Perhaps it's a lingering desire from my more religious days ("quiet time"), but  I find that without this sacred space, I am quite anxious and unfocused throughout the day.  This morning, I sat with the most delicious cup of Ethiopian coffee and read a few excerpts of Dillard...from both Pilgrim at Tinker Creek (my favorite chapter "Seeing") and A Writing Life.  I also journaled and had Carson and Rilke at the ready.  It is no formula for a good day, as even now - I still feel anxious to begin the day.  But I believe it to be a soulful practice.

Bobby Pins

I have this horrible (though Joel calls it endearing) habit of leaving bobby pins in my wake.  Joel has found them in bed even...and I don't go to bed with bobby pins in my hair, so I have no idea how they get there.

Afternoon Sun
Lying Around
If you lived with me, you might also notice that every afternoon, I get down on the floor and play with Clara.  I make sure to stick my feet in the warm light streaming through the windows.  I find a great release in simply lying on the floor, playing, daydreaming, watching my niece discover movement and shapes.

What would I notice if I lived with you?
Do share if you dare...

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