self-care winner

May 12, 2010 Candace Morris 3 Comments

Thanks to everyone who left comments about ways they
 found to celebrate themselves last week!  
The True Random Number Generator sayz:
The winner is:

(see her blog here)
Her comment:
  "SUCH a good idea. Sounds silly, but I really need to schedule some time for myself. For some reason it is the hardest thing for me to justify - can you believe it ? I struggle justifying doing nice things for myself!"

Jamie, I'll be contacting you with the details.  Thanks everyone.

I hope it's become obvious that it's not expensive or selfish to celebrate your soul.
Unless of course you want it to be; now THAT's my kind of self-care. ;)

Be it with a glass of Sangria

Or a cuppa hot tea.
(Brit-style with milk and sugar, thank you very much)


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