giving away some self-care

May 07, 2010 Candace Morris 16 Comments

A few years ago, I lost a considerable amount of weight on Weight Watchers.  In the time since then, I had lost my motivation to care as vigilantly for my physical being and gained back over half of what I lost.  These last weeks, I've been beating around the bush (and beating myself up) about getting back in the saddle and re-prioritizing this here goal of mine.

Because when the shiet hits the fan, this little lady heads straight for the corner baker's.

I decided to dust myself off, kick up my spurs
 (can one kick up a spur?  I fear I've reached the end of my cowgirl acumen) and get back in the fight.

So I knew I needed to be creative about new ways to comfort myself.  This week, I set up a little goal.  If I lost any weight at all (even 2 ounces), I would treat myself to a much needed manicure/pedicure.

Well, the week went by and it was harder than I remember.
That first step usually is, bein' all out of the habit and such.

But I stepped on the scale Tuesday night and 
(is that what cowgirls holler?)

I had lost!  And MORE than an ounce, by god.

Last night, I took my tired old feet and my worn out old hands, and I did right by them.
After all, they sure do a lot for me.
I wanted to make sure they knew I appreciate it.

That got me thinking about YOU.
How have you celebrated yourself this week?

Tell me!
(Don't make me come over there and pistol whip you)

In fact, I have decided to host a little giveaway.  Just leave a comment below answering this question, and one lucky cowgirl will be chosen at random to receive their choice of nail polish from OPI.  If you happen to be a cowBOY, well then I am sure you can have your choice of nail polish too. 

Well shoot.  
Have a dern great weekend, and I'll see you next week to let you know the winner of this here contest.


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