November 04, 2009 Candace Morris 6 Comments

I woke one morning this week and rather suddenly felt adjusted to this country life.  I no longer pine daily for Seattle or the pitter-patter of smoking pedestrians in skinny jeans.  I miss my old life, but graduatlly, I feel my colors changing.

Though my feet are cold and wet, my leaved face is brilliant from the nostalgic heat of summer.

It's rather a fascinating sight to behold.
If I do say so myself.

You may be curious...what DOES Candace do all day?  Well, around here, we are reading, shooting photographs, cooking EVERY.SINGLE.MEAL (hell, I'm even making my own bumpkin is that?! ), sleeping more, listeing to our thoughts, taking country drives, falling into occasional existential crisis, taking hot baths, playing games, seeing friends more, and stopping each other in the kitchen to steal a smooch.  I am writing, scouring craigslist, writing letters, planting succulents, seeing my family more,  and getting damn good at building my own fires.  It's not a bad life, not a bad life at all.

During the saint's lunch breaks, we've been trying to get out and stretch our legs.    Sadly, Missy Octavia cannot accompany us on these walks....

I do have to warn those of you who do not get to experience Autumn,
these pictures just might break your heart.

(just to add insult to injury, this trail is exactly 20 steps from our front door).

{I got a new lipstick, and I thought that instead of being disappointed that no one would actually see how fabulous it was, I would show it off to the trees instead.  They swooned.}

After so much country, this gal is taking her man into the city for a proper meal (and to buy more coffee!  Just because I don't live by a Vivace doesn't mean I have to drink non-vivace beans.  I shudder at the thought!!!) of Spanish tapas and sangria.

Want me to pick something up for ya?
That's what we country-folk do for our neighbors, pick up stuff in the city.

Countrily Yours,

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