vignettes of a weekend in april

April 06, 2009 Candace Morris 4 Comments

how goes your mid-afternoon monday? seattle is a bright and cheery 60 degrees and i am anxious to attend to my walking errands and soak up the benevolence of mother nature. before i do so, i wanted to share some vignettes of my weekend and report on some new growth*!

this weekend was so beautiful! it really feels like spring here, but even as i look at online spring apparel, i realize seattle's spring is still a wee bit chilly! though i may not be able to wear something like this:

i was able to leave the house without my heavy coat! hurrah for cast off weights! the saint and i had a wild hare to get out of the house, so we went yard saling by iphone. i highly recommend it! we picked up some old records and two books. we then had a late lunch of a meat pie and pint... the day was completed by a rousing gomes game night and too much tequila.

hope you get a taste of my weekend-

to the sounds of weed whackers and smell of cut grass, i go!

*i thought i had killed my lipstick plant. she has been struggling all winter with our subterranean troglodyte cavernous dwelling...but i woke up on friday and noticed new growth. what spring joy is mine - how deeply satisfying. this is so because i am somewhat new to this mothering of nature. it does much for my soul to know that even if i wasn't given certain talents in childhood, i can recapture the fascination of childhood. new growth and greenery has everything to do with this. don't you think?

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