investment with high-yield returns

November 05, 2008 Candace Morris 6 Comments

today is a day for the books.
it's historic, it's epic, it's touching.

[i am not "involved" in politics, but now that this election is finally over, i feel freer to engage it as an interest of mine. (please do not berate me for this). as i was perusing the Seattle Times this morning, i came across some images of the worldwide reaction to President Obama. these images are so poignant to me, and even the most politically inept person has to admit that something tangible is going on here.]

but that's not my point.
my point is that today i feel a gushing, a love, an enchantment with life.
i even addressed this love in my "things i love today" post over on visually ink-lined.
i don't know why i feel this way.
i don't even care to analyze it. (i can feel your shock).
but if i had to guess,
i think i feel love today because of my

(image from plume's shop and magic photographic eye)

i have been slipping mrs. plume some secret ($)dough($) every now and then and the flanders necklace arrived just in time on saturday to accompany joel and i to ethiopian food. it was a beautiful fall night, rainy and full of magic in each little droplet of water. our conversation flowed as if we had never spoken to each was the perfect inaugural performance of what is to be a long career for this jewel of inheritance.

i don't think i was prepared for its...well...

it feels remarkable to own such art for the following reasons:

  • every time it's around my neck, it infuses my decolletage with its weight...saying, "i am worth such beauty." i have never invested in something so unpractical - it is not meant to keep me warm, it will not feed my hunger, it will not keep me quenched...and all other "beautiful" things i have purchased have usually a two-fold purpose, beauty AND practicality. it feels delightful and buoyant to my too-easily entrapped soul to invest in art SOLELY for beauty and adornment to self.

  • i am holding history in my hands. i know my daughter(s) and their daughter(s) and their daughter(s) will hold this necklace in their own hands. i have invested into the beauty and adornment of THEIR lives, set an example for the appreciation of themselves, and began a legacy of sentimental heirlooms to pass to my offspring. this thought has a dizzying effect on my soul (and uterus).

  • its fucking sexy.

i don't understand why i used to invest in cheap necklaces that no one will wear even next year, let alone in 20 years...and i think it's official that i can now say,
"i would rather do without junk, thank you very much."

it's time to invest.

(and you? what's your excuse?...)

~lady whit.

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