close your eyes, proceed to the exits

November 12, 2008 Candace Morris 1 Comments

They cannot chain you.
{Only you have the power to do that}

Your body
Though ill-fitted and itchy-tight, flies free
O’er orchards and oceania.
Claws will release the resting branch, bouncing it jocundly out of stagnation.
White feathers fall behind,
Languidly shedding the distress.

You approach the nimbus cloud canopy above you,
The blackness of which
has shadowed your keen night-vision,
Befuddled your predatory instincts,
Knocked you from the safe, elongated shelter of the weeping willow.

You must push, force, charge…
See the world shrinking below you?
You are almost
to the blue.

to the meaning.

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