don't worry.

November 08, 2008 Candace Morris 2 Comments

kitty cats, 
diggity dogs,
and lady birds everywhere.
(can a man be a lady bird? huh. i think no. yes, def not).

i wanted to put a quick post to assuage your worry of my blogular absence.
i am currently enjoying the old house of my dear old friends, mr. and mrs. dunlap in sunny riverside california. 
it's 77 degrees outside and the breezy santa ana winds have wooed my rainy spirit back to life for's just downright Mediterranean bliss.
i am sitting on their couch, listening to NPR, watching their german shepherd/mastiff mix, Mr. Brundebar, stare at me in curiosity.  it's idyllic.

simply farm like.

how a people achieve such a beautiful life in southern california is BEYOND me. {though i am from here, i have never LOVED here} But my dunlaps have brought their beautiful old, farm-like souls and extracted the best of Southern California and infused it with beauty.

Sheer beauty.

We will be wandering farmer's markets today, eating food, drinking wine (except our karen who is bursting with baby), and just being our old selves. 

Want to see what idyllic living looks like?
Promise to grab some shots for you.
Cross my heart.


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