a new home

April 21, 2008 Candace Morris 5 Comments

egats kitty cats....boy do i have got some news for you.

looks like the 5.5 year stint in our oh-so-70's apartment has reached its decorated end. i was informed this morning of the acceptance of our application to move into the city...despite my excitement at the new (its SOOOOO amazing) place, please do not entertain the thought for one second that i am capable of the coldness one needs to cast aside a home so easily.

i was just reading in care of the soul (of course) about the soul of things...how even inanimate objects have souls and their journey intertwines with our journey - enriching both. i feel this way about our apartment...(and many other t.h.i.n.g.s -- such as, you ask accusingly? MY PRECIOUS BOOKLINGS, dahhling...and my new found plants...jewelery, journals, candles, lip balms, computers (my heart breaks when joel destroys yet another good computer JUST to give me a new one.) )

it's bold and buxom orange kitchen floor, its 89 degree temps in summer, it's breezy balcony, the faucet that misbehaves, the smell of ancient books, many loved ones living and visiting with us, countless bottles of wine imbibed.

those rooms held the beginnings of my marriage and thus - a gripping, aching, euphoric chunk of this soul.

as i move to my new home in the next two weeks, i will mourn indeed.

oh housy
you have been my

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