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October 11, 2010 Candace Morris 6 Comments

A few attainable goals for this week, my first full week of work in 1.75 years.

Write a post card every morning.
Since I get to work early and have the place to myself for a bit, I've decided one way to bring my old life into my new life and breath a bit of soul into the office is to keep the lights dim for a bit and take a moment to write a post.  I really want JSL's postcards for this very reason.

Get to bed between 10:00pm-11:00pm every night.  
I failed last night, but only by half an hour.  I've been telling everyone my most recent thought...if there is one thing I learned about staying home it's how much sleep I needed but wasn't getting.  Honestly, I really need close to 10 hours, but if I can grab 7-8, I should be fine.  By fine, I mean able to maintain a relatively positive outlook, be nice to people, and ward off unnecessary existential angst.  Seriously, if most of my deep depression and dilemmas came as a result of lack of sleep, I will feel so cosmically silly.

Eat Breakfast.
To many this seems like an obvious thing one should do; feed the body its fuel and all.  I love breakfast, but it can be hard when you are rushing out the door.  Last week, I was able to poach a few eggs before I left and it made all the difference in my hunger level throughout the day.  I am a protein girl, for sure.  This morning, my saint made them for me (who is only working from home one more week before HE starts HIS new job next week).

I suppose that shall do.
Evening fellow worker bees...home, office, and otherwise.

{completely unrelated subscript}
I just finished watching "No Impact Man" and found it rather entertaining.  I was inspired so much (and felt immensely guilty about all the packaging my dinner created) that I am considering going one year without a television (we already don't have live TV, just internet and netflix).  They did this and it just seemed that they read more, spent more time together, slept more, and saw their friends more.  I have never felt that viewing really relaxed me anyway...but the mindless part is so enjoyable...especially when working.

{more unrelated drivel}
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  • My 3 year blog-iversary is coming up on October 26...look!  Maybe I should do a give-away.

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