its my party and i'll give away something if i want to...

October 26, 2010 Candace Morris 48 Comments

Come In!
Come In!
Welcome to my birthday party.

Bon Anniversaire to me...
3 years ago, I remember sitting with Kelly one quiet October evening with my family.  We had spent our time staring at the fire, knitting, and being generally wonderful.  She had me engaged in one of her "let me ask you a question" kind of talks.  If you've been a lucky partaker of said chats, you know that you leave them feeling very listened to and rather inspired.

She and I were talking about my writing.  How I had stopped journaling since I got married, how a part of me was ferociously seeking an expression, an outlet.  She had a blog and she encouraged me to perhaps think of starting one myself.  I did.

I've learned so much through blogging...not only in realms of personal writing, but also in this crazy community of women and friends devoted to championing other artists.  When really shitty things have happened, they've come and supported me as if they had known me forever.  I have amazing support both virtually and in reality.


In celebration, I decided to host a little giveaway in order to get some feedback and have a bit of fun!  There are two prizes, so I'll pick two winners using a random number generator.  The first winner will get his/her choice of prizes...

One bonny lass/lad will be the happy recipient of one of UmberDove's new series of painted rocks.  The one shown here has already flown to its home, but she is sending another one in its stead.  I can't wait for you to see it.  These things are flying like her husband's famous (they are!) flapjacks out of her ETSY shop.  

Another spirited filly will don a pair of Plume's specimen earrings, and as you know...that girl can't keep ANYTHING in her shop for longer than a few seconds.  I've been lusting over these pair for a few weeks now.

Some great loot from some great gals!
I know for a fact that either of these two would do cartwheels to win the other's prize.
Heck, can I enter?!!!



In order to be entered to win either of these fabulous pieces of art, you must answer four questions.

1.  What is the most memorable book you've read most recently?
2.  What kind of alcohol would you pair with this book?
3.  How did we come to be acquainted? 
( did you find out about my blog?)
4.  What is your primary reason for reading my blog?  What brings you back?

In ONE comment below, please answer the following questions.  In order to be considered, you must answer ALL FOUR.

For another chance to enter, please blog, tweet, or facebook about this giveaway and leave a separate comment including the link to your blog, twitter, or facebook.  In an effort to include my transcontinental friends, I'll leave the contest open for 48 hours...closing on Wednesday, October 27, midnight. The winners will be announced Thursday.

Best of luck!
Now pass me the bubbly.

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