spring homemaking

March 29, 2011 Candace Morris 4 Comments

For the most part, I've adjusted rather well to full-time work with relatively little homesickness for my homemaking days.  But alas, that was winter.

And now it's spring.
Le Spring

And I am still happy with full-time work.  However, just in this last week, I've been hit hard with a full-blown nostalgia for my house...spending all day in it, cleaning it, arranging it, cooking in it, photographing it, writing in it, reading in it.  Since spring usually brings with its blooms a wake of "WAKE UP" and "LET'S MAKE SOMETHING!" it's been hard to channel that energy while not at home.  

I'm sure I'll find a way, but in the meantime, I must say:

Spring 2011
Damn. It's gorgeous out.


And there is so much goodness at my fingertips.

I am learning to close doors
so I can fly with grace and beauty through the new windows
thrown agape
that lead to the wide open spaces.

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