cheap dates and courageous love

March 08, 2011 Candace Morris 5 Comments

date night
his view
ceylon black for him
red chai for her
savoring the ending
$8.89 date

on a not-much-to-speak of Tuesday night
he and she ventured out
avalanches of words shared between
the quest a cup of tea 
the perfect $8.89 date
heavy words
one tempted to carry the other too much
the other tempted to let him

but in the end,
enduring the cold walk home,
both know that walking together is much better than one carrying the other.
for much more ground can be covered.
and both then get the chance to test their stamina.

for everyday she says to her broken heart,
"courage, my love."
but for her lover to step back 
give her vast wing-span a go
even watching her plummet from the arbor's heights,
that, dear husband,
now that is courage.

for not swooping in to save,
- not this time -
i dedicate these aerials 
to you.

i'm scared, but i'm safe.

your bride.

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