February 05, 2010 Candace Morris 8 Comments

Goodness me!  Is it really already Friday afternoon?  What a  blur of a week.  As you may have noticed, I've been concentrating most of my bloggular energies over at mine and Kelly's baby, Pretty, Please...trying to get that off the ground and into the already inundated world of design/professional blogs.  There's nothing like hoping, right?! ;)  (Feel free to add us to your following list anytime!)

I've also had the immense pleasure of helping Umber with her show this week in promotion as well as the ever-important task of holding little paintings while she hammers in nails. From my perspective, it looked something like this:

And in between these delightful responsibilities, I still had my own life to keep up with...which includes breakfast with Brad and Kelly, lunch with Devon, phone calls with Niki, Jackie, and my sister, drinks with the Gomes, Brian, and Scott, emails with  my favorite Plume and favorite Raven,  IMing Julie, stroking the belly of my sis Jenn, INCLUDING all of my household chores!  PHEW.  I am one busy socialite.  

It's a damn good life is what it is.
Let there be no mistake about that.

Today, I've spent the majority of this sunny weather outside in my wood shed.  Unfortunately for my out-of-shape arms, I was not chopping wood.  I was instead staging a photo shoot assigned to me by my brother-in-law (who is DAYS away from meeting his new little girl!  we are all on edge waiting for the call!!).  I am so happy with some of these sassy pictures and can't wait to share them.

Joel and I have a new friend and we've been hanging out quite a bit the last few months.  He's also our neighbor, so we often have him over for dinner and he shares his tasty scotch with us!  Well, I had mentioned that Joel was NOT a U2 fan, and how I was so bummed because they are coming to Seattle this summer, and I've not as yet had the pridvlege of seeing them live.

All music taste aside...I'm in the habit of honoring the nostalgic loves of my musical history, and U2 can still make me cry with songs like "Sunday, Bloody Sunday," and "All I want is you," (and about six million other songs), and though I don't listen to them very much anymore, I will always love them deeply.  Therefore, they are on my LIFE GOAL list of live performances to attend...

along with Madonna and Radiohead.
Judge me.
It's really okay.
I can handle it.

MJ was on that list too.
Moment of silence.

There. Thanks for hopping down that rabbit trail with me!

ANYWAY...I was moaning about not being able to go because the saint CANNOT STOMACH Bono...and do you know what my new friend Scott did?  He upped and purchased us KICK ASS SEATS for their June concert...which is right around my 32nd bday!  I am rather elated!!!! He JUST told me last night at the art show, and I've been giddy ever since.  Positively light as air.

Speaking of the art show!

And even more

I am so proud of this if you couldn't tell.
There is such liberty in being one of her cheerleaders (the real kind, not the pretend to be kind), 
such deeply rooted admiration...
because there is something in it that means if she can do it...maybe I can too.
Be an artist, that is.
And live like it.

Happiest of weekends, darlings.  I'm cooking up a yummy dinner tonight and also headed out to the city tomorrow night for drinks with the gang.  I hope this weekend, be it busy or quiet, is exactly what the doctor ordered for you. 


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