Check it out...

July 23, 2009 Candace Morris 2 Comments

See me here...woot!

Also, things are super crazy around here...but oh so fun. We have our lovely cousins Adam and Erin staying with us and have been seeing the family as well as planning for my 1920s birthday party on Saturday...PLUS seeing other wonderful people coming to town.

But I'll give you this report of my birthday - I was seriously so moved by how people doted on me. I gorged myself on the words of love that came at me from every direction. I felt like I was at my own funeral of sorts, not in a morbid way, but when people are praising the deceased. Truly, when I go through times of weeping on the bathroom floor from fear of abandonment and paralyzing loneliness (yes, it happens even to the most happily married), I will have this deposit of affection to ward off the demons. I love you. Thank you.

I treated myself to an massage at a local school (so cheap!) and then Joel took me to sushi before we met up with Gomes' to attend Othello. Lordy, was it amazing...a perfect birthday treat as it is my favorite of the much more mature than Romeo and Juliet and so much more simple than Hamlet and King Lear. Anyway...

More birthday reports to come...I hope the rest of your week carries you deeper into the understanding of who you are, how you are loved, and what you have to offer.


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